Course: Unlock Your Creativity: 10 Days of Free Writing

Unlock Your Creativity: 10 Days of Free Writing

a free introductory course to welcome you into the magic of free writing

by Write Every Day
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This 10-day introductory course will highlight the basics of how to prepare and engage in free writing. Each day you will be presented with a new lesson and action plan geared towards getting you to write without inhibition.

This course is an excellent and useful tool for writers, students, and anyone looking to develop their creative or expressive abilities.

Free writing is a technique used to generate ideas or overcome writer's block by writing continuously without concern for grammar, spelling, punctuation, or other conventions. The idea is to write whatever comes to mind, without stopping or editing, for a set period of time, usually anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The goal is to keep the pen or keyboard moving, to explore thoughts and ideas, and to get past any self-censorship or inhibitions that may be holding you back. So gear up your writing and start this course today!

Course Overview

  • Day 1: Introduction to free writing
  • Day 2: Setting up your writing space
  • Day 3: Choosing your writing tools
  • Day 4: Entering flow
  • Day 5: Exploring free writing variations
  • Day 6: Focused free writing
  • Day 7: Themed free writing
  • Day 8: Selecting your writing prompt
  • Day 9: Overcoming writer's block
  • Day 10: Closing Thoughts(Coming soon)
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