Enjoy the Benefits of Daily Writing

A daily writing habit promotes happiness and wellbeing.

Know Yourself Better

When you freely write, without the preoccupations of thinking what to write next, it allows you to truly be yourself. It’s like having a conversation with your subconscious to discover what is really bothering you.

Write Every Day to be more creative and clear your mind

Unleash Creativity & Happiness

Writing clears the mind and releases negative emotion. If you don’t write, you don’t know yourself as well as you could. You’d be surprised; free writing can bring out the genius that you didn’t know was inside you.

A daily writing habit is a form of therapy

Digital Therapy

Think of it as a form of digital therapy inspired by Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. She says that "once we get those muddy, maddening, confusing thoughts [nebulous worries, jitters, and preoccupations] on the page, we face our day with clearer eyes."

How it Works

Simply sign in from anywhere and start writing. Don’t censor your words or go back and correct. Ignore grammar, spelling and formatting. You can randomly write your stuff and clear out your mind. It’s like a brain dump that is possibly the best morning routine in existence.



You can set your own writing goals with a minimum of 250 words per day. It’s up to you!



Writers block? Get access to hundreds of writing prompts designed to elicit meaningful writing about your innermost self.



Join other writers in the monthly writers challenge. If 80% succeed you win! 

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Talk about Transformation! When I clicked on my Write Every Day stats, I was shocked to see how quickly I write. All my professional procrastination melts away when I use this app for my writing "warm up".

Write Every Day Review - 5 Stars!
Susan Burton


An awesome app to fight procrastination. It helps me a lot to write everyday some "breads crumbs". I can translate them after in my social media and podcast.

Write Every Day Review - 5 Stars!
Jonathan Leveille

President, Openmind Technologies

Introducing The Most Beautiful Writing Canvas in the World

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 More Benefits!

Military Grade Security – Protected with 256-bit AES Encryption.

1. Track your Daily, Monthly & Yearly Progress

Each day that you write is marked as complete. You’re able to track how many words you’ve written and how many days in a row you’ve written. Your overall progress through the year is tracked and each month you get a fresh start.

2. Nerdy Statistics

Get fun, motivating and deep insights into your writing habits and moods, such as: how much you have written, have you written consistently? What’s been on your mind when you have been writing?

3. 100% Private & Online

No one else will see your writing and you can export at anytime. It’s securely stored – review your writing from previous days or months.

4. Set Your Own Goals

Each day you decide what you want to achieve – it’s completely up to you. The website will record your goals and hold you accountable to achieving them. PLUS – you’re not alone. You’re joining a community of other writers who are just as motivated as you are.

5. You are 91% More Likely to Succeed

A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that 91% of people who planned their intention to exercise by writing down their goals would follow through. The trick to real transformation lies in setting achievable goals. Our intuitive software will record your goals, track your performance and send daily emails notifying you of your progress.

6. Join a Monthly Writers Challenge

Every month we hold the Writers Challenge. When you sign up you join a group of other writers to encourage, motivate and nudge each other along. If less than 80% of writers complete the challenge, everyone loses! Don’t let your team mates down!

7. App Available on iPhone and Android

Type your words anywhere with the iPhone and Android App. Learn More

It’s a Reward for Your Brain & Makes it Easy to Maintain the Discipline

This exercise, just like vigorous bodily exercise, builds muscle and over time, you will get stronger if you write approx. 3 pages a day. We don’t force you to write that much, of course.

If you’ve tried writing on WordPress, OneDrive, Evernote or plain old pen and paper, you’ve probably discovered that none of those had the sticking power because they weren’t made with free writing in mind.

This isn’t blogging or status updating. We’re also not fishing for likes. No one is going to see this (unless you want them to).

Join the Write Every Day Community

Be Part of the Online Community

You’ll be joining an online community of writers just like you. Writers who want to reap the benefits of a daily writing practice while encouraging each other along the way.

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